Armine 2020 Winter Satin Silk Scarf 8200-07 (SYR01236)

Brand : Armine
Discount Rate : %44 Discount
Price : $42.10(Vat included)
Discounted : $23.42(Vat included)

Maroon, coffee, navy blue geometric patterns on mixed ground came to ensure integrity. 
made from 100% silk using quality silk.It's a silk face.
Rmine 2019 - 2020 autumn/winter season presents a special collection that combines artistic and feminine emotions.
Armine 2019 - 2020 autumn/winter season will feel the dominance of autumn colors closely.
In this category you can find designs that make you happy. 
it helps you to make combins for all your clothes for your invitations, special occasions and daily lives.
Armine 2020
season, which is formed in a unique line with its colors and patterns, reflects the elegance of summer from a distinguished point of view.
the winter season of Armine 2020, which bears the traces of Modern spirit, opens the door to charming elegance with its dynamism-free attitude.
2019 - 2020 autumn/winter season
make sure you take a look at the models without wasting time, without running out of your favorite color.
don't miss the affordable prices. 

* Sura silk scarf
scarf size: 90x90 cm
Armine scarf is the original brand
no carcinogens are used in its production, only dry cleaning is recommended for long life of your scarf.
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