Armine Zulal Silk Shawl Green 100-23 (SYR01737)

Brand : Armine
Discount Rate : %12 Discount
Price : $27.79(Vat included)
Discounted : $24.37(Vat included)

Armine Zülal 100% Silk Mint Green
It has 100% silk weaving
You can use it easily in all of your combinations thanks to its double-sided usage.
Easy to connect, it is pure silk. It is suitable for long term use.
You can easily choose your private and daily combinations.

Armine Member Reviews Color Silk Shawl, mint green
Armani Silk Shawl Dimensions 70 * 210.
100% Silk Shawl
is suitable for use on both sides.
stain and owner of Weatherproof. dry cleaning to ensure the longevity of your shawl is recommended. shawl you at 30 degrees, waiting, quickly, rinse without rubbing. from wringing out and hanging, just flapping, damp reverse It irons.
dyes is carcinogenic substances and Inclusion.
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