Ayakland 11005-249 Casual 7 Cm
Heel Ladies Suede Sandals Shoes TEN

Price : $13.52  + VAT
Women's Sandals and Slippers models Sandals are often preferred in summer due to their comfort and comfort.
The light weight is the reason why those who complain about the weight of shoes.
There are many kinds of sandals that can be combined with all kinds of clothes.
While the stylish models can be combined with summer dresses, the sport model sandals are used by those who prefer sports wear. Sandals on all foot sizes are also the savior of women.
Women's sandal models can be easily chosen day and night with their harmonious types in jeans.
Resting our tired feet when we come home is usually the first action. Lenghtu the day. There are slippers for those who want to be stylish at home day and night.
A choice of beach slippers can be obtained.
Women's sandals and slippers can create a stylish atmosphere with the right combination.
Brand: Ayakland
Outer Material: Suede
Internal Material: Microfiber
Base Material: Polyurethane
Base Height: 7 Cm
Base Height: 1 Cm
< BR: Weight: 190 Gr
Mold: Full Mold
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