Bebe Collar Coat Mink 5046 (SYR01825)

Brand : 2Yaka
Discount Rate : %88 Discount
Price : $54.15(Vat included)
Discounted : $6.60(Vat included)

Bebe collar the coat has emerged from an original design with a black 5046
Lacy bebe collar. It should be buttoned up.  
The Coat accompanies you with its tasteful design on your special days, invitations and daily lives.
a combination of stylish and Sporting, you can say yes without spending much time on your winter days.
enjoy the privilege of getting attractive coats at an affordable price before the start of the season with their quality and posture.
check out the Caban models that you can use easily every Season without running out.  
don't miss the affordable prices.

Bebe Collar Coat Mink 5046
Color: Mink
dimensions of Model: Size: 1. 70, Breast: 65, Hip: 82, Waist:75
the product on the model is a size 38.
there is no return or change in our hijab Outlet clothing models.
2 collar hijab is the original brand of clothing.
no carcinogenic SUBSTANCES have been used in its production.
wash your clothes in the machine at a temperature of 30 degrees.
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