Turkey Textiles

Turkey Textiles

For centuries, Turkey has been renowned for producing the best textiles around the globe. The Turks’ mastery of the art of textile production goes way back from over 2,500 years ago, as evidenced by the oldest known carpet in the world, known as the Pazyryk Rug. Silks and other textiles, along with metals, were what Turkey traded on the Silk Road, a trade road that connected the East and the West.


Turkey isn’t just known for producing intricate rugs and carpets. For years, Turks have been contributing to the fashion industry. At first, it was known for tapestries and other woven crafts, but since Turkish women began wearing intricate shawls around the 19th century, textile artisans jumped into the industry.


Turkey’s textile sector boomed in the 20th century, with the country’s extensive growth of cotton, the industry’s most important raw material. Foreign markets opened between 1980 and 1989, contributing to the development of the clothing industry.


High-end names like Hugo Boss and Balmain source their apparel from Turkey because of its balance between quality and production cost. Now, Turkish designers are beginning to take center stage.


Turkish brands are now growing in the country. Turkish designers are garnering attention not only locally but also on the international scene. Gul Agis, founder of the womenswear label Lug Von Siga, is in partnership with international retailers ranging from Moda Operandi to La Rinascente. Mehtap Elaidi, another Turkish designer taking over the Istanbul runway, and President of the Turkish Fashion Designers Association, is now known as Turkey’s Diane Von Fürstenberg.


Turkey exports its textiles to the United States, and mostly to European countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy, and Spain, among others.    


Online fashion stores like Fashionyol offers overseas customers a convenient way to explore Turkish women’s fashion. Fashionyol , an Istanbul-based wholesale fashion store, has 7 years of experience in the business. Fashionyol serves up to 101 countries, including Arabian and African countries.

Turkish women’s sense of fashion could be compared to that of Italian or French women’s. The Turkish fashion market is dominated by womenswear, with apparel ranging from headscarves to shoes. Running under the motto “Crossroad of Fashion”, Fashionyol offers up to 400 styles and models of clothing every week, along with the latest accessories like bags, belts, and jewelry. The fashion store sells all kinds of women’s clothing ranging from casual apparel to formal dresses, presenting a wide selection for its customers around the world.

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May 15, 2019
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