A Line Detailed Dress Saks 17Yelb4198 (SYR02297)

Brand : 2Yaka
Discount Rate : %75 Discount
Price : $32.43(Vat included)
Discounted : $8.23(Vat included)

A Line Detailed Dress Saks 17YELB4198
Saks color crepe fabric texture. Sleeve, waist and skirt have line patterns.
Your dress; It will accompany you in your special days, invitations and daily life with its tasteful design.
Fashion's tasteful attitude adapted to the dress;
Hijab dresses offer you the opportunity to use your clothes quickly and comfortably.
With the design that combines classic and sports elegance your dress becomes the star part of your combi.
Don't miss the best prices.

Line Detailed Dress Saks 17YELB4198 Color: Saks
Dimensions of the Model: Size:1.73, Breast: 80, Hip:88, Waist: 67
The product on the mannequin is 38 size.
Hijab Outlet Clothing models do not return and change.
2 Collar Hijab is the Original Brand of Clothing
No carcinogenic substances were used in production.
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