Miray Natural Mesh Cheese (SYR04077)

Brand : Miray
Discount Rate : %53 Discount
Price : $4.54(Vat included)
Discounted : $2.13(Vat included)

Powder is designed as a single Color in a meshed texture. There are blue lines on the sides.
It has high quality weaving.
Miray Tülbent Series gives comfort to the forefront with its soft texture.
Miray Tülbent Series; Miray quality is designed by combining with unique fabric texture.
Miray Tülbent Series
blends alternative fabrics with daily life. It has colors and patterns that can be combined in all your clothes.
Don't miss the reasonable prices before your favorite model runs out.

Miray Natural Mesh Cheese
Fabric: Polyester
Color: Powder
Size: 100x100 cm , No chemicals containing carcinogenic substances
Hand wash at 30 degrees.
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