Nevzat Zöhre 032 Leather Mens Casual Shoes Brown (8691000069726)

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IN-OUTSIDE OF SHOES 100% 1st quality LEATHER / DOESN'T FAT AND DO NOT SWEAT / INSIDE LINING 100% GOAT LINING / SOLE MATERIAL: CORNER: THE MOST HEALTHY SOLE TO BE NATURAL. is a healthy base. STYLISH, QUALITY AND COMFORTABLE MEN SHOES / DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING / COMB (Width) MOLD FULL / 100% LEATHER LEATHER FEATURES LIKE AS FOLLOWING Soft, Durable and non-degradable, Providing air and water circulation with surface holes; breathability, slightly stretching. THE BENEFITS OF THE SKIN CAN BE LOOKED LIKE: Does not tear and break quickly. Helps prevent standing odor from absorbing moisture. It is healthy because it is natural. Because it can stretch, it takes the shape of the foot. * The most commonly used leather type for shoes is calf leather. THE FEATURES OF THE SOLE BASE CAN BE LOOKED LIKE: Provides comfortable pressing on the ground. It is the most healthy base because it is natural. It has the ability to breathe. Absorbs sweat and prevents odor formation, is lighter than other bases. The most ideal base.
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