Sequined Sleeves Floor-Length Red Tunic (SYR04212)

Brand : 2Yaka
Discount Rate : %81 Discount
Price : $29.00(Vat included)
Discounted : $5.49(Vat included)

Sequined Sleeves Layer Layer Red Tunic
Made of sequin fabric. There are ply sequin details on the arms.
Feel the irresistible lightness of comfort with Salaş tunics, you will notice that it transforms into a stylish combination with special pieces. Scarf; offers designs that appeal to the pleasure of women with hijab. Special designs from each other
Take a look before losing your favorite piece.

Sequined Sleeves Layer Coat Red Tunic
Color: Red
Model Dimensions: Length: 1.73, Waist: 67, Bust: 80, Hip: 88
The product on the mannequin is 38 size. Sequin
2 Collar Hijab is the Original Brand of Garment
No Carcinogenic Material Used
Wash your clothing in a 30 degree machine.
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