Sanbe 401N002 Anatomic Girls / Lenghts Children Linen Sports Shoes FUSHIA (8691000052575)

Brand : SANBE
Price : $8.45  + VAT
Children's Sports Shoes The choice of shoes in children is very important.
The correct choice of shoes is important in shaping children's foot structure.
Since children move a lot, care is taken to ensure that shoes are models that allow for comfortable movement.
Children's sports shoes models on our site are quite colorful and comfortable models.
Pink, lilac colors are preferred in the sneakers models prepared for girls in these shoes, while blue tones, green, black colors are preferred in the male sneakers models.
In children's shoes models, everything is considered to be comfortable for children to use.
Sneakers have lace-up models, but in general, velcro fasteners stand out.
Care has been taken to ensure that the feet are soft-textured so that the feet of the child are comfortable.
Colorful children's sneakers models to choose a shoe model that suits your child's taste will be quite easy.
These models are very durable and suitable for long-term use.
Outer Material: Linen + File Internal Material: Textile Base Material: Polyurethane Heel Height: 2 Cm
Base Height: 2 Cm
Weight: 82 Gr Mold: Full Mold Standard Foot Dimensions microfiber: Provides both aesthetics and foot health It is a wide variety and colorful (artificial Skin) material used in the fabric with supporting flexibility, softness and durability.
Polyurethane Base: Foaming is a result of plastic base obtained.
It is an important feature of having a soft printing and prolonging sweating time because it is light.
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