Hijab Tulle Jacket Evening Dress Peanut Green (SYR05348)

Brand : 2Yaka
Discount Rate : %87 Discount
Price : $64.31(Vat included)
Discounted : $8.29(Vat included)

The first piece is a peanut green sleeveless fish model evening dress. The long cloak jacket with tulle and lace details was dominated and integrity was achieved.
Due to its special fabric, it is resistant to wrinkling. Has the feature of non-weight fabric. You can ensure frequent and long-term use.
Evening dress models; It will accompany you in your special days and invitations with its tasteful design.
Fashion's graceful attitude adapted to the evening dress; is presented to the appreciation of our esteemed ladies.
Hijab Evening Dresses Collection brings your elegance to the top with its special designs.
Seyra Scarf Evening Dresses collection
without wasting time, your favorite model before running out of a look.
Don't miss the best prices.

Hijab Tulle Jacket Evening Dress Peanut GreenColor: Peanut green, black* SUBSTANCES Used in Production.
Products not included in the price: Abiye Shawl
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