Venus 18791382 Casual 100% Leather 5 Cm
Heel Women Shoes BLACK

Brand : Venüs
Price : $45.68  + VAT
Women Casual Shoes
Women with a masculine style of clothing that does not want to compromise in any way and become the indispensable trend of women's daily shoes models, with the new and most attractive models of the new season with you. These shoes will be the most important complement to women who are confident and give importance to their appearance.
Original designs, quality and reasonable prices with new season women's daily shoes, step forward in your business life. The trendy women's daily shoe models of the season that stand out with both comfort and elegance are at Ayakland!
The most fashionable women's shoes models of the world-famous brands
our product range
necessarily suitable for you a shoe is available!
Brand: Venus
Season: Spring Summer
Outer Material: Skin
Base Material: Polyurethane
Heel Height: 5 Cm
Base Height: 2 Cm
Weight: 218 Gr
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