Vissona Tivil Silk Scarf 14217-01-03 (SYR05759)

Brand : Vissona
Discount Rate : %16 Discount
Price : $18.08(Vat included)
Discounted : $15.19(Vat included)

Black, cream brown background on the floral patterns come from integrity.
The most beautiful patterns created with harmonious colors blended with scarf models we continue to offer to our esteemed ladies.
Seyra Scarf as always, moving designs, fine touches
Vissona identifies ambitious models to daily life by going beyond the usual.
Vissona silk scarf models
are designed to be used in special occasions, invitations and places rather than daily use.
Vissona silk scarf models
are striking designs and these models allow you to easily combine your outfit with special invitations.

Vissona Tivil Silk Scarf
Color: Black, cream Scarf Sizes; 90 * 90 cm
Water and stain resistant.
100% tivil silk scarf.
No carcinogenic substances are used in Vissona scarf production.
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